Sunday, October 27, 2013

A life remembered

We wonder.

Yesterday we celebrated a life that was rich with meaning and purpose.

We viewed the beginning and experienced the end.

We laughed, we cried, we cringed and we accepted.

There is no other like him. - Thank you Alfred for being that special light.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's so over

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Lately, at the +RaspberryBeret we have been encouraged by our fave owner, Rachael, to embrace ERA week.

So basically, each week, we are to dramatize particular fashion eras.  (I was away for most of it - which started with the 20's).  

We are doing the 80's this week...

I have a love/hate relationship with the 80's - the music, the fashion, the personal ...the whole shabang...

So to dig out things that I know would work with the 80's fashion and listen to Madonna's "Dress You Up" makes me a bit meloncholy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My True Meaning Of LOVE

a word that many a song is sung about, many a poem is written about and many a heart is broken from.
Such a small word, really. Only 4 letters yet it can be overpowering and overtaking to many.

Well, this isn't a language arts lesson, it's a thought process of looking back, rediscovering and futurizing.

When did I first learn about love?

One would consider the first time I laid eyes on my newborn son. Maybe the first time the words "I Love You" meant more than just a flutter in my chest and a yearning in my belly.

I feel that is was when I first could think beyond today and imagine many tomorrows.

I thought I was in love so many times but infatuation, lust, lonliness can be fashioned into looking like love. I learned that lesson, with tears in my pillow, sobs wretching from my frame and a heart that felt like it was being crushed in my chest.

Sometimes complacency can be fashioned into love as well. That was 6 years of my life. It started out as a measure of love but began a downward spiral into sadness, infidelity, mistrust and a total lack of love.


Love was shown to me by the man I call my husband today. Because it isn't just today I see, but I see eternity.

Love came with a gentleness that supercedes passion. It was filled with respect, loyalty and trust. It was shown to me that all the angst that I thought came with love was unnecessary. Love was shown in the sound of his breathing, in the soft touch of his hand across my arm when we sat watching the non-sexy food network.

He showed me that love can really be a give and take, that I was the most important thing in his life, other than GOD. And that all the things I wanted to do for him, he wanted to do for me.

His love of GOD, even before he acknowledged his existence, was in his core. It radiated out in the choices he made and the way he handled all things. This undeniable love was not just to me, but to everyone he met. He cared for everyone the way he cared for me, and that amazes me, even to this day.

I wish I could say I had the same qualities like him, but I am far from it, but I strive to be like him. Filled with love that comes from his core that he unconditionally shares with all that he meets.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Colourful Friday, to say the least

My day was filled with many different adventures.

Home to Lexington to Lincoln to Lexington to Newton to Watertown to Melrose to Newton to Home

Thank goodness I love to drive and I have the best minivan ever filled with everything I need whenever I need it.

Had to stop in the afternoon during my trek to bring Hunnie to Mom's to picture take Mom's Poppies in Newton MA

I'm hoping to plant some of these for next year...wish they lasted longer tho.  But their bright red and dark brown center makes me oh so happy!

There are somethings that I like to do other than shopping - taking pictures. The beauty of picture taking is that it really is all up to me. Sometimes it's of things and other times it's of me and friends. Old Friends, New Friends and a sprinkling of family for good measure...