Saturday, August 28, 2010

The MET Tour; The Woman and the Seed

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. A most gorgeous building and landmark in NYC. It borders Central Park and is on 5th Avenue (The Avenue of Museums) Just a few blocks from the 86th/Lexington Avenue trains (4,5,6) it's pristine to walk to and each morning the steps are thoroughly washed.

incredible shot of the front of the MET with NOONE sweet

Virgina from New Jersey
Sisters from Vermont

Tour Groups gathering in front of the MET

My gorgeous husband
James Brock our tour guide
Tomb of Perneb

Ankh - Pagan symbol for life - where the Cross got it's beginning

something so old retains its

False dooway to a tomb, the priests would put food outside the doorway for the dead and that little window was there for them to look in.
Tomb of Meketre
This tomb held small figurines of daily life...i dunno for the dead to play with or what???

a sarcophocaus

See those little circles above those figures?? That means they are divine and the circles are called solar discs (where halo's came from) These were all pre-christian


Anonymous said...

I've been to the MET many times but today my children and I are going on this tour in just a few hrs. Can't wait, we're SO SUPER EXCITED! And these pictures are so encouraging as to what it'll b like! ;)

Anonymous said...

I took this tour in December it was amazing I loved it!!! I so glad someone else took more pictures then me. When I go back to do the other tour I am going to take more pics :) If you are going to the MET YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS TOUR

Anonymous said...

"The Woman and the Seed"--Fabulous Tour! Did you know that the 10 plagues in Egypt were an attack on the Egyptian gods? Take this tour to find out how Jehovah (the only true God) protected his people throughout the centuries and will continue to protect his people now, and for days to come!

your sister in maryland said...

Thank you for posting these pics AND for either explaining what the pics were or taking a pic of the explanation given. My family went on this tour during a Bethel trip but I was unable to go because the bus was full. They brought back a lot of pics but no explanations of what they were so I couldn't understand what I was looking at. Google-ing the tour I came across your blog.....thank you sis! I now dont feel so left out as you did a wonderful job of capturing the atmosphere and artifacts.

Karla Olvera said...

Googling I came across your blog. Did you have a brother give you the tour? Do they work there and we just request them and does it cost extra from Admission fee?

Anonymous said...

Greeting from NJ Sister!

Pictures are wonderful BUT I've done this tour several times including "integrity" and each time we've been reminded by our tour guide that although pictures are ok to take as allowed by the MET , they should not be posted on the internet per the MET's request.

This from the Oasis Group Tours page:

Can we take photographs?
Yes. Photographs can be taken, however please keep in mind the following:
1) As per museum rules, your camera’s flash must remain off at all times.
2) As per our arrangement with the museum and in view of certain copyright restrictions, we also require that such pictures be for personal use only. We encourage you to share your experience with family and friends, so private use of your photos is fine. However, no tour participant may duplicate or reproduce the tour contents and/or exhibits for others to use. This includes, but is not limited to, distributing copies of your photos on CD/DVD, video tape, digital presentation, and internet photo or video sharing.

Glamo Nails said...

I am Naomi Chinen a sister from Guam. We want to do the tours at the met how do we sign up for the woman and the seed and the integrity tour?

Anonymous said...

I know that if Oasis saw your blog they would be upset that you didn't abide by the instructions not to post. Faithful in little, Faithful in much.

Lissa said...

I just heard about it at meeting last night. Never knew it existed. Really WISH I could go. Have fun

Lissa said...

Awesome, and yes, heard about it at last Sunday's meeting. Enjoy, have fun

Lissa said...

I agree with my sister in Maryland, since I Know probably won't ever get to make it there. Just heard about it last night from a sister who went last week. Helps you KNOW for ABSOLUTELY where the Truth is.

Lissa said...

Oh goodness, well I'm glad I saw them before they are taken down out of respect for the owners

There are somethings that I like to do other than shopping - taking pictures. The beauty of picture taking is that it really is all up to me. Sometimes it's of things and other times it's of me and friends. Old Friends, New Friends and a sprinkling of family for good measure...